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"What if I apply to all the jobs I'm qualified for, but get nowhere?"

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“I filled in around 400 applications...with only a series of rejection emails to show for it - Right now I feel a bit lost”

This is a quote from a real, live Data Science candidate just like you. Maybe you’re even going through exactly the same experience.

You’ve spent a good deal of time and effort (not to mention money) building up your Data Science credentials. You'd started off feeling confident. But you’ve hit a wall. You’re hundreds of applications deep, and you just have a few phone screens to show for it.

Even when you find a Data Scientist job you seem well qualified for - still nothing, nada…

Failure hurts - and its worse still when you don’t understand what’s causing it.

You're stuck in the “Job Search Doom Loop”

  1. You find a few interesting Job Postings
  2. You spruce-up your resume and apply
  3. You wait for interview invites to roll in…
  4. ...you continue to hear how there’s a shortage of Data Scientists...
  5. … you wait for interview invites to roll in…
  6. You hear nothing
  7. You can’t understand what’s going wrong. And there’s no way to get feedback
  8. You broaden your search, send off even more resumes
  9. Still crickets … [and if you read one more article telling you how the US alone is short 190K Data Scientists, you’re going to flip a table!]
  10. You start to feel lost - just like the person in our opening

You’re worried that you'll never get it right. Time and money are running low - not to mention your confidence, which is taking a pounding - and still no Hiring Manager is showing an interest in you.

It’s like all your hard work preparing yourself … doesn't make a difference. You start to question if you missed some pretty major steps.

“I am really confused. I thought I prepared myself well to enter this field but the reality is much different than I imagined, and it's been really discouraging.”

Are Unicorns the only ones getting Interviews?

Why won't someone give you a shot? Are the only people able to land a Data Science interview those revered Unicorns, with Math/Stats, Hacking and Domain expertise?

No, not at all

You simply haven’t learned how to make a Hiring Manager want you. You’ve got the skill-building part mastered, but it’s the “people wanting you” part that’s failing you.

You’re inexperienced in the Data Science job market … and you’ve made an inexperienced person’s mistakes

You’ll keep making those same mistakes forever…

… unless you do something about it. And let’s face it, you want to break out of the Job Search Doom Loop. You want an interview!

We see many (many!) well-qualified candidates making the same mistakes … and time after time it is their resume that is hurting them (and you).

We can help you turn this around. By learning to read the Hiring Manager’s mind.

What if you could read the Hiring Manager’s Mind

Why spend all that time building up skills you need for a Data Science job, yet so little time on how to sell yourself. Why set yourself up for failure? Why fail at all?

“I've applied to many places and have pretty much nothing to show for it. It's clear to me from this response rate I've gotten that I need to improve my resume”

What if you knew how to make your resume stand-out?

What if you could craft a resume that hits on exactly what the Hiring Manager is looking for? A resume that makes it so clear you're the perfect candidate that you'd leave your competition trailing in your wake - and not just any competition, even people way more qualified than you!

Most resumes will have gotten tossed to one side, but yours is getting read - every word of it. And then, the moment of truth - your resume lands on the precious pile that makes the cut :)

How good would it feel to follow a proven path to get you there?

Pretty good, right? Sometimes its just so comforting (not to mention easier), just to be shown what to do. Picture it for a minute …

Imagine if next time you sat down to submit an application, you had instructions on what to do, a process to follow, a well-proven path to crafting a stand-out resume?

Think how much time you would save, and how much more comfortable you would feel, if you were following a guide. No more piecing together advice from a ton of blog posts.

Rather than obsessing over what was causing you to fail, you could focus on a concrete set of steps to develop the right resume content and format to land that elusive interview.

No more feeling lost. Energy and excitement at the journey ahead.

It sounds too good to be true. But it's not ... it's process and technique, applied thoughtfully.

Great news! You *can* create a resume to submit with confidence.

Data Science Resume Guide is our specific, concrete, step-by-step process that will help you understand exactly what a Hiring Manager is looking for AND how you can stand out.

Instead of wondering if you're using the right content and format to convey your talents, you'll have a step-by-step guide to hand-hold you through the process.

It’ll help you craft a resume that will seem so perfectly tailored to the role, the Hiring Manager can’t help but want to interview you!

The only way to learn all the necessary steps is in our Guide

We’ve developed proprietary frameworks to structure different steps of the process, which you just won’t find elsewhere… Specifically, you’ll learn

  • How to read the mind of a Hiring Manager (by identifying their HOPES)
  • How to identify your unique SPEC - what makes you the perfect candidate
  • How to structure and format your resume so Proof Points jump out
  • What Skills, Education, Experiences, Projects to include (and not)
  • How to write a killer Cover Letter

Data Science Resume Guide Picture

The Guide is designed to give you little wins from the outset

We know this process can be painful. Motivation can fade. Frustration can get the better of you. That’s why we have “How to Take Action Now” prompts throughout the Guide. Little tasks to help you along and give you those little wins you need to keep going. You'll also get 10+ worksheets to complete as you move through the Guide.

We want to keep you motivated and finally put you ahead of even your fiercest competition!

The Guide Has 10 Steps

Right after you purchase Data Science Resume Guide you'll get all the information and help you need to start crafting your stand-out resume :) Specifically, the materials cover:

  1. Figuring Out What’s Been Going Wrong
    • What’s the purpose of your Data Science Resume
    • Six Ways Your Resume Could be Sabotaging You
  2. Reading the Hiring Manager’s Mind
    • How to Figure Out What the Job Posting Means
    • How to Research Key Issues Facing the Company
    • What Are Data Scientists Doing There Today?
    • How to Sssess the Hiring Manager’s Real HOPES
  3. Identifying YOU as the Perfect Candidate
    • How to Identify Your Complete Set of Strengths
    • How to Communicate Your Unique SPEC
  4. Making Your Resume Look the Part
    • What Sections to Include (and Not)
    • How to Order Your Resume (Case-Specific)
    • How to Improve Your Format (including Templates)
    • Top 10 Formatting FAQs
  5. Doing Your Skills Justice
    • 3 Principles for How to Structure the Skills section
    • How to Identify What Skills to List (and Not List)
    • Which Projects to include in the Projects section
    • How to describe your Project Work
  6. Making Your Experience Come to Life
    • What Experiences to List (and Not List)
    • How to Structure the Experiences Section
  7. Showcasing Your Education
    • What Education/Courses to List (and Not List)
    • Guidelines for How Much Detail to Share
  8. Nailing the Cover letter
    • What Template to Follow
    • How to Tailor Your Cover Letter
    • How to Say Something New
    • How to Toot Your Own Horn
    • How to Make it Readable (by a 10th Grader)
    • How to Write to Someone (Ideally Hiring Manager)
  9. Pulling it All Together
    • Three Proven Techniques for Self-Review
    • 7 Questions to Guide Peer Review
    • Final, Pre-Submission Checklist
  10. Hitting Submit with Confidence

Is The Data Science Resume Guide right for me?

This course isn't meant to give you full-on career support; nor will it opine on whether to take another MOOC or sign up for a boot-camp. There are plenty of people doing that already!

But maybe you've been trying for weeks to land an interview but have nothing to show for it. Maybe you're about to give up on getting a Data Science job because you just can't figure out how to grab a Hiring Manager's attention.

If you’re feeling lost when you sit down to submit yet another application. Or you never want to feel that way in the first place! This course is designed for you :)

What are people saying about it?

"Thank you SO much! This is an amazing amount of help! I'd been planning on fixing up my resume for a year and this prompted me to finally do it. It looks much better with your advice incorporated. I've recommended you to my friends." -- Iain C.

The Guide will help you craft a resume to submit with confidence.

Without feeling lost.

Without getting overwhelmed.

Data Science Resume Guide

(Make your resume as awesome as you are!)

We’ve designed the Data Science Resume Guide to be easily self-taught. Each step follows logically from the next, with “how to take action now” prompts as well as worksheets to help you along and deliver the little wins that’ll keep you motivated. All you need for easy self-study!

  • Want to avoid common resume pitfalls that sabotage so many?
  • Stay on track by following a proven process?
  • Don't have time for interview turn-downs

The Data Science Resume Guide is for you!

Craft your own stand-out resume :)

Included in this package:

  • Data Science Resume Guide (pdf)
  • Example Resume Templates (Word docs)
  • 10+ Worksheets

All for less than 0.1% of the average Data Scientist salary
($118K in US according to Glassdoor.com)

Who are we?

We're Sebastian Gutierrez and Hannah Brooks, the founders and co-editors of Data Science Weekly - a weekly e-newsletter covering the latest and greatest developments in Data Science. As we've grown that business we've had the privilege of chatting to many current and aspiring Data Scientists - as well as Hiring Managers - to really understand what's happening in their respective world's. The pace at which Data Science is growing and evolving, and the ever diversifying applications of the field, fill us with excitement and hope for the future - a more data-driven one :)

Sebastian is also the author of Data Scientists at Work, an interview series with 16 prominent Data Scientists; as well as founder of DashingD3js.com, a tutorial and training site for those starting out in Data Visualization and specifically the D3.js library.

Hannah spent the first 7 years of her career with McKinsey & Co (Management Consulting) and now works in a Corporate role at PepsiCo. She has had extensive experience leading recruiting programs in many settings, and is a frequent coach for friends and colleagues seeking new roles or applying to business school.

We'd love to hear from you, so you should send us an email or follow us on twitter.